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Bearded Collie Club Championship Show - 17th July 2021
Judges' Critiques


My congratulations to the committee of the Bearded Collie Club for putting on such a wonderful show in such difficult circumstances. We were blessed with perfect weather and a summer garden party atmosphere, which was just lovely. A big thanks to my stewards, Ann and Steve, who kept everything ticking over perfectly and to the members for their votes enabling me to have the pleasure of judging so many beautiful Beardies. We are so blessed to own this wonderful breed aren't we!

Veteran (6/4)

1st Beech's Dychix Meet Joe Black. Very dk slate, plainly marked, good bite, dk eye, good pigment, long, deep well shaped ribcage, excellent type, so fit and athletic on the move, holding his topline, in wonderful coat and condition. Well deserved BVIS.
2nd Hinchcliffe's Talraz Come What May at Croftdale. Medium sized slate, lovely eye and pigment, strong head, good length to height, not the shoulder of 1st, in good condition, moved well.

Minor Puppy (4/2)

1st.Webb's Rivey Breeze Sapphire Cedar. Eight month blue, nice eye and pigment, Good bite, strong head, a little straight in front, well ribbed back and well developed for age, good length to height, beautifully turned out, moved well.
2nd. Kay's Matamata Homely House. Light slate in lovely coat, well presented nice type, good pigment and bite, good length to height, would prefer more shoulder angulation and a little less in rear, good depth of chest and well bodied, needs to firm up behind on the move.

Puppy (4/1)

1st. Beech&pos;s Dychix Never Ending Story. Ten month plain darkk slate, son of BVIS and a andapos;chip off the old blockandapos;. Lovely eye and pigment, good bite, balanced front and rear angles; long, deep rib, strong in rear, moved well and steadily with good reach and drive. Lovely type and character, BPD
2nd. Rivey Breeze Sapphire Cedar. 3rd. Matamata Homely House.

Junior (9/2)

1st. Baker & Van de Hoefandapos;s Malandex Most Xquisit. Plainly marked dark slate, just out of puppy, loved everything about him, full of breed type and character, lovely to go over with everything just as it should be. Presented in great condition, loved his effortless movement. Headed a strong class of young males.
2nd. Wilding's Denters Whirlwinds Dream Lover at Bendale (Imp Deu). Fifteen month well marked dark slate, all male, plenty of substance, loved his strong head and expression, Dark eye and pigment, correct length to height, level topline, strong rear, moved well holding a lovely outline.
3rd. Salmon's Potterdale Heritage. Very attractive light slate in full, well presented coat. Loved his head and expression, good depth and length of rib, very well bodied for age. Did not have the front of 1st, good length of back and nicely moulded croup, needs to settle on the move. Lovely type.
Three males who will have a bright future.

Yearling (4)

1st. Carter & Palmer's Burnhock Perfect Diamond of Woodacre. 19mth Brown at his first show, very nice type, good bite and pigment, balanced angles front and rear, good ribcage, in between coats at the moment but this hardly mattered as his movement is superb in profile, effortless reach and drive which won him the class.
2nd. Gill & Hosie's Burnhock Superior Diamond for Gillaber Brown at the pale stage, litter brother to one and similar comments apply, needs to body up a bit, in full well presented coat, good in rib and croup, couldn't match his brother for reach and drive today.
3rd. Rudd's Lubins London Calling. Sixteen month dark slate, good eye and pigment, attractive head and expression, good length to height, could do with more shoulder angulation but has a well developed rear, nice type with a charming temperament, needs to body up, moved well.

Maiden (9/3)

1st. Malandex Most Xquisit.
2nd. Denters Whirlwinds Dream Lover at Bendale.
3rd. Burnhock Superior Diamond for Gillaber.

Novice (14/3)

1st. >Malandex Most Xquisit.
2nd. Denters Whirlwinds Dream Lover at Bendale.
3rd. Burnhock Perfect Diamond for Woodacre.

Debutant (4)

1st. Malandex Most Xquisit.
2nd. Denters Whirlwind Dream Lover at Bendale.
3rd. Swabypos;s. Ragellie Tale of Gold for Marsby. Seventeen month brown, going through his pale stage, in excellent well presented coat, well bodied, not the front of 1st but has good depth and length with good top line, moved well.

Under Graduate.

1st. Dumbrell's Brodaty Limited Edition at Bethlyntee. Two year old brown, not in full coat but is of good coarse texture, strong head, good pigment and bite, well developed in body and is very masculine in outlook, loved his shoulder angulation, good depth and length with balanced rear, moved out so well holding a lovely outline, should do well.
2nd. Peart's Kilfinan Mister Moonlight for Talluarchy. Two year old plainly marked medium slate, lovely type, long and lean, dark eye, good pigment, level top line and nice croup. Did not have the upper arm of 1st, but moved well in all directions.
3rd. Hinchcliffe's Minerslake Just for Me at Croftdale. (Imp Deu) Dk slate, attractive head and expression, lovely dark eye, good pigment, nice rib and length , not the shoulder of two above, well angulated rear, nice type, sound mover.

Graduate (9)

1st. Atkins & Charles's Snikkles Swashbuckler JW. Just loved this light slate boy, moved so well from all angles, he is full of quality, loved his strong head and soft expression, length of back and balanced angles front and rear, free and easy mover, covering lots of ground, lovely character, beautiful type, pleased to award him the RCC and see him go RBIS under the referee.
2nd. Wood's Pepperjay Bartholomew. Med slate of different type to one, long and lean, strong head with dk eye, good pigment, balanced front and rear with good depth and length of rib, holds a level top line, in lovely well presented coat, lovely mover keeping his outline but just not the scope of 1st.
3rd. Brodaty Limited Edition at Bethlyntee.

Post Graduate (2/1)

1st. Salmon's Potterdale Piper. Well marked mature dark slate, full of breed type. Beautiful boy who is so lovely to go over. In super coat and condition, so well handled to show off his virtues. He really does command the ring with his presence and personality. He moves with great extension with minimum effort. Should soon gain his title. So pleased to award him his first CC and see him go on to BIS under the referee.

Mid Limit (3)

1st. Griggs's Malandex Xpressly French for Emazenridge JW. Medium sized dark slate of lovely type, matching dark eye, loved his expression, has good length and well shaped croup, would prefer longer upper arm. So well presented in tip top condition, moved well in all directions.
2nd. Hinchcliffe's Pretty Bear Beautiful Bill at Croftdale (Imp Deu). Medium sized brown, carries a lovely quality harsh coat, would prefer darker eye. Strong head, good shoulder, rib and croup, sound mover, just preferred the proportions of 1st.
3rd. Savage & McClean's Talraz Comic Relief at Canaich JW. Good size dark slate with masculine outlook, dark eye and pigment, would prefer more angulation in front, decent rib, well shaped croup, not the length of the two above but moved well.

Limit (7/1)

1st. Burfitt's Ramsgrove Coruscation for Breaksea. Loved this boy, great breed type, so well made all through and full of quality. Gorgeous head and expression, delightful character, dark slate jacket of good texture, beautiful mover, so athletic and light on his feet which ultimately won him this good class, close up for top honours.
2nd. Harcourt-Brown's Orora's the Emperor. Taller, elegant dark slate, just pipped by one on the move today. Lovely type, beautiful head and expression, dark eye, well angulated front with balanced rear, good length to height, in top condition, lovely mover from all directions, unlucky to meet 1st on such good form.
3rd. Robertson's Arranbrae Laird of Quothquan JW. Dark slate who I gave BP to and still like very much, has all the essentials, lovely type, well angulated, correct length to height, free and easy mover with good profile action. Needs to body up to fulfil his potential.
Three lovely males.

Open (8/2)

1st. Needham's Beardmarkeds Ultimate Brownie for Oscarlusion (Imp Swe). Mature plainly marked rich brown who carries a beautiful well textured jacket, in great condition, strong head, lovely expression, dark eye and pigment, well made in body with ideal shoulder, balanced rear, good in croup, length and depth of rib, lovely type who really appeals. Moved so well to take this strong class but in the challenge just lost his enthusiasm and sparkle.
2nd. Pickup's Pipadene Whisky Mac. Plainly marked medium slate of good breed type, balanced front and rear, long deep ribcage, toning eye, good pigment, has to be gone over to be appreciated. Comes into his own on the move, has great extension, makes it look so effortless. Just preferred the type of 1st.
3rd. Waldron's Snowmead Shades of Gray JW. Beautiful blue in great well textured coat, loved his attitude, another who is lovely to go over, plenty of substance, love his shape and holds a beautiful outline on the move.

Glenda O'Connell (Atherleigh) - Judge


I was delighted to finally be able to honour this appointment which I have been looking forward to for some time. Despite difficult circumstances an atmosphere of optimism prevailed and the dogs were their usual happy selves. I had a good sized ring for the dogs to show how they could move, and my competent stewards kept the ring flowing. Mouths were presented successfully by all exhibitors in our small shaded area and were very correct in all cases. In several classes decisions were very close and presented me with food for thought in a relatively small but good quality entryI was delighted to finally be able to honour this appointment which I have been looking forward to for some time. Despite difficult circumstances an atmosphere of optimism prevailed and the dogs were their usual happy selves. I had a good sized ring for the dogs to show how they could move, and my competent stewards kept the ring flowing. Mouths were presented successfully by all exhibitors in our small shaded area and were very correct in all cases. In several classes decisions were very close and presented me with food for thought in a relatively small but good quality entry

Veteran (10, 1)

What a lovely class to start the day with so many of my old favourites.

1st. Richards' Kilfinan Country Shadow JW ShCM One I have judged before and now at 9 yrs she continues to look fit and in her prime, still in good coat of correct texture and holding a good outline both standing and on the move. I would not like her any bigger but she is very typy, lovely dark eyes and good pigmentation. Comes into her own on the move and looks as if she could go all day, covering the ground totally effortlessly
2nd. Hollis's Pretty Bear Wild Flower mit Adjucet (Imp Ger) Eight year brown, very showy, well made bitch and in excellent coat, presenting a lovely outline on the stand. Another very fit veteran belying her age and relishing her time in the ring
3rd. Atkins & Charles' Snikkles Sapphire, so pretty this 8 yr unmistakeable blue of superb colour and pigmentation to match. Loved her head with sweet feminine expression. Well constructed and beautifully presented.

Minor Puppy (4, 2)

Two delightful youngsters with a significant age gap between them but both promise to make their breeders and owners very proud

1st. Jones' Clanwillow Amazing Grace At 8 months this slate is already so poised and eyecatching with her typical head and expression, reachy neck which she showed off well, standing free and balanced. Her movement was light and scopy and she is so typy and well constructed I feel sure she has a very bright future. I was delighted to see her go through to BPIS
2nd. Harcourt-Brown's Farmarens Imperial Highness at Orora (Imp Swe) NAF A sweet baby of 6 months but already has all the essentials and with her excellent construction all she needs is maturity. She is beautifully bred and I will follow her career with interest.

Puppy (2, 0)

1st. Skinner & Beech's Dychix The Rag Nymph Nine months old dark blue with minimal markings. Nice size and very feminine with pretty head. Fluent on the move covering plenty of ground
2nd. Hough's Clovabrae Nikita for Seacharmzed Ten months old brown at the pale stage carrying a wealth of puppy coat. Well constructed with good bone. Little unsettled on the move today and not co-operating with her handler.

Junior (9, 2)

1st. Robertson's Heathermist Miss Tilliedudlem at Quothquan (Imp Swe) My final decisions in this lovely class as so often came down to movement and this light brown 15 month girl certainly excelled on the move, floating round the ring, she caught my eye every time. She appealed for her total lack of exaggeration, everything in the right place and in fit condition. When her adult coat arrives and with the right attention to presentation this one will hold her own in any company, I loved her
2nd. Lewis &Moreland's Potterdale Precious Rose Sixteen month old slate, another very beautiful young lady I know we will hear more of in the future. A slightly different type being a little lower on the leg and already in very full coat. She is mature in body and well constructed, very nice to go over and met my eye with the softest of gazes, a real heart melter. She is sound on the move but didn't really go as well today as her construction suggested she could, just needs to settle. Another I loved.
3rd. Shield's Malandex Ruby's Shellseeker Sixteen months slate, not disgraced with third in this quality company. Another very promising youngster with nothing to dislike. Sound and feminine with excellent coat texture, moved out well and happily.

Yearling (3, 0)

1st. Evans' Saskyadu Moments of Magic Twenty-one months dark slate of very attractive breed type and beautifully presented. Her flowing outline is currently enhanced by a moderate snug fitting jacket, and is maintained with ease both standing and on the move due to her good construction and fit condition. Balanced head, sweet expression and very feminine
2nd. Firstprizebears Sanfrancisco at Caramac (Imp Bel) Twenty-one months brown at the pale stage with a wealth of beautifully presented coat. Correct head with eyes to tone with coat. Lovely to go over and has all the essentials, today she seemed to be feeling the heat and was reluctant to show us her best movement. One I know we will hear more of in the future
3rd. Cox's Karmeliann Lucky Seven Twenty months slate at the pale stage. Lots to like about this youngster particularly her strong yet feminine head and excellent coat texture. Today she tended to lose her topline at times, perhaps feeling the heat.

Maiden (12, 1)

1st. Robertson's Heathermist Miss Tilliedudlem at Quothquan (Imp Swe)
2nd. Jones' Clanwillow Amazing Grace
3rd. Lewis & Moreland’s Potterdale Precious Rose

Novice (8, 2)

1st. Robertson's Heathermist Miss Tilliedudlem at Quothquan (Imps Swe)
2nd. Evans' Saskyadu Moments of Magic
3rd. Newson's Russian With Love Slightly smaller slate bitch of nice overall shape. Good head with sweet expression, sound on the move.

Debutant (3, 1)

1st. Jones' Clanwillow Amazing Grace
2nd. Kuz's Kiltondale Memphis Belle at Strufingill Fifteen months slate with lots to like. Good in head, neck and front. Just a little unsettled today and losing her co-ordination on the move at times. She is young and has time on her side.

Undergraduate (3, 0)

1st. Pedder's Caldermist Dance In The Dark This two year old flashy slate was my find of the day, winning this class with some to spare, and eventually the CC and Best Opposite Sex on co-judges’ decision. She still has some maturing to do but already has great ring presence and I especially loved the hint of mischief coming through, she looks like fun to show. Free standing she positions herself correctly every time holding a lovely shape without exaggeration. Close inspection shows correct conformation and flowing lines. Looking forward to following her show career and watching her mature, loved her.
2nd. Newson's Russian With Love
3rd. Kuz's Kiltondale Memphis Belle at Strufingill

Graduate (4, 2)

1st. Hollis' Adjucet My Girl Very pretty brown with feminine outlook, shown in fit condition and super on the move, so light on her feet and forward going. Nicely made throughout and with maturity should hold her own very well in the higher classes
2nd. Cooper's Tybury's Song Of Ice And Fire Well-constructed blue in full coat of excellent texture. Different type appearing a little heavier and though sound could not match my winner on the move today.

Post Graduate (6, 2)

1st. Peirson's Kiltondale Kinkyboots JW Very stylish dark slate and white with excellent head, neck, front and forechest. In good body hugging coat which still has to finish but is of excellent texture. Moved out with long reachy strides and correct tail carriage
2nd. Bowden's Subessen Heart of Hearts Slightly smaller more compact slate, coat still going through changes. Beautiful head with very sweet expression, and very attentive to her handler
3rd. Gill & Hosie's Malandex French Xpectation for Gillaber Another very attractive slate and white in good coat. Today inclined to lose her topline, perhaps feeling the heat, she will have better days.

Mid Limit (3, 1)

1st. Burfitt's Breaksea Fantasmagorical Workmanlike brown, strongly made and scopy on the move as expected from her correct conformation and fit condition. Coat lacks finish and does not flatter but it is of good harsh texture
2nd. Muir's Douglasdale Dream Island Of different type being more showy. Presented in excellent coat of beautiful colour and texture, she has a pretty head and good reach of neck flowing into level topline. Looked a picture standing but today moving a little close behind and rather proud of her tail.

Limit (6, 2, 1 withdrawn)

Such a pity that one exhibitor had to withdraw due to a sudden onset of lameness. I gather by the next day all was fine again, that’s dog showing for you!

1st. Shield's Malandex Xpressly Chosen JW One I have judged before. Honest brown bitch, so stylish and sound. Correctly made all through and the sweetest expression
2nd. Carter & Palmer's Nellbrook Incantation of Woodacre Dark slate in good coat, another very attractive exhibit. Slightly taller but still feminine, she seemed initially hesitant on the move but improved the more she went and pushed my class winner very hard
3rd. Anderson's Brodaty Barley Sugar at Bobsacres Very full coated light brown bitch with pretty head and expression. A little proud of her tail today.

Open (8, 2)

1st. Moir's Fabulous Fennela at Winaria (Imp Nld) JW One I have admired from the ringside and was delighted to have the opportunity to judge. Sadly she has sustained some damage to her mouth which is cosmetically unfortunate but cannot hamper a bitch of this quality. Slate of somewhat old fashioned type she has the look and soundness of a true worker with the addition of enough harsh coat to enhance her flowing body lines. Size and proportions spot on, excellent outline both standing and on the move, strongly made yet still feminine and light on her feet. Unobtrusively handled to give of her best, I could not resist her for the Reserve CC.
2nd. Collins' Ch Luna De Chester at Kingswud (Imp Fra) JW Rather different in type being more compact, more glamorous and a size smaller but again one I have always admired and a very worthy Champion. Super quality, very feminine shown in superb coat and condition. Moving out well to push the class winner all the way
3rd. Peirson's Kiltondale Fancylook Completed a very attractive trio. Nice honest slate bitch, good to go over with a lovely head and expression

Liz Jay (Judge)

Referee's Report

First I would like to thank the Bearded Collie Club for the invitation to Referee their 2021 Championship Show.The Committee had worked very hard to make the show run smoothly and the weather helped by giving us sunshine, with all the gazebos, pods, tents etc it led to a lovely relaxing atmosphere.

The Judges sent through some lovely exhibits for me to go over with Best of Breed going to the dog and Reserve Best of Breed also going to the dog. Best Opposite Sex was a lovely young bitch who I would like to think has a very promising future ahead of her. Best Puppy also went to the bitch who also has time on her side.

Janet Steel (Spinningdale) - Referee