Avril Fox submitted this pair of photos of 14-month old Isla enjoying a frosty walk near Stratford-on-Avon

Millie and Phoebe

Jane Clark's Millie and Phoebe enjoying a walk in February 2011

Alfie - Flying Squad!

Dave Sidaway sent this photo of Alfie clearing the 9ft long jump at the Leamington Champ Trial 2010. Allez Alfie!!

Snow - January 2010

The plentiful snow in late December and early January created wonderful conditions for photographing beardies really enjoying themselves. Here are some photos submitted of Corinne Jowett's Jago and Jane Clark's Millie

Poppy - Summer 2012

Kath Whitehurst's lovely girl Poppy, now fully recovered from her illness during puppyhood