The following rules were adopted at the Annual General Meeting of the Branch in February 2009.


The Branch will be called the Midland Branch of the Bearded Collie Club (the Club). The Branch will operate within a designated area as agreed by the General Committee of the Club. The designated area may be altered from time to time on the direction of the General Committee of the Club.

The Branch will seek to further the objectives and aims of the Club and generally to promote the interests and welfare of the Bearded Collie within the designated area.

The Branch will comply in strict accordance with all Rules and Regulations of the Club and as laid down by the Kennel Club, but the additions as set out below, will also apply.
The rules of the Branch shall not be altered except by a two-thirds majority of members present and voting at the Branch AGM/SGM and no alteration shall come into force until it has been approved by the General Committee of the Club and/or the Kennel Club.

Only paid up members of the Club shall be eligible for membership of the Branch. All members of the Club permanently resident within the designated area will automatically be members of the Branch without further subscription.
Members of the Club residing outside of the designated area may apply to join the Branch as an Affiliated member on payment of a fee to be agreed annually at the Club AGM. Fees must be paid direct to the Branch Secretary who will inform the Club Membership Secretary of all Affiliated members. Affiliated members will have no voting rights within the Branch.

The Officers of the Branch shall consist of a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. All to be elected at the Branch AGM for a term of three years. The affairs of the Branch will be in the hands of the Branch Committee which will include the Officers and a maximum of seven other members of the Branch who shall be elected at the Branch AGM and with immediate effect.
Only adult members (17 years or over) of the Branch and resclassent within the designated area may stand for the posts of Officers and for the Committee.
Nominations must be submitted to the Branch Secretary on the appropriate form and include the names of the proposer and seconder, both of whom must be Branch members.
Nominations must be received by the date set out in the relevant notice.

If there are any vacancies for any posts after any elections have taken place the Chair of the Branch can call for nominations from the floor. Nominees must be a fully paclass up Branch member, must be proposed and seconded and the candclassate must be present and indicate their willingness to stand. Should there be more than one candclassate for any position, there shall be a vote by ballot of the members present at the Branch AGM. The person with the most votes will be deemed elected.

The management and control of the affairs of the Branch shall be vested in the Branch Committee.
Meetings of the Committee shall be held as often as deemed necessary.
Special meetings of the Committee may be convened if any two of the Chairman or Officers consclasser it necessary or any three Committee members.
Except in an emergency, at least seven days notice of the place, date and time convening a committee meeting shall be sent to every Officer and Committee member, together with a copy of the agenda of the business to be transacted. No business shall be transacted by the Committee unless notice thereof appears on the agenda, except for ordinary office routine or matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting, which need to be dealt with, or matters which in the opinion of the Chairperson are urgent.
Each member of the Committee present shall be entitled to one vote on each motion/proposal, except the Chairperson of a meeting who will have a casting vote only.
The Committee shall have the power to co-opt not more than two other persons for specific purposes. Such persons shall be entitled to participate in that part of the meeting for which they have been invited but will not be entitled to vote. The quorum at any meeting of the Committee shall be four members, which will include an Officer.
In the event of the retirement, death or resignation of any of the members of the Committee between the AGM, a majority of all remaining Committee members shall have the power to co-opt any member to the Committee, if this is deemed necessary, in order to maintain the effective management of the Branch. Any member so co-opted shall have the same voting rights as any elected Committee member and shall serve until the next AGM.

The financial year of the Branch shall be 1st January to 31st December.
A Bank Account shall be opened and operated in the name of the Branch, into which all revenue shall be paid and from which withdrawals shall be made on the signature of two Officers, one of whom shall be the Branch Treasurer.
No expenditure or financial liability shall be incurred by the Branch Committee or any member of the Branch beyond the funds of the Branch.
The Accounts shall be kept by the Branch Treasurer and sent to the Club Treasurer on request to be certified annually by one qualified Accountant or two unqualified individuals with accounting experience as appointed by the Club.

Annual General Meeting:
The AGM of the Branch shall be held (as decided by branch but must be before the Club AGM) for the following purposes:-
     - To receive reports from the Committee
     - To receive, consider and approve the Accounts
     - To receive and discuss any resolution duly placed on the agenda, notice of which has been given in writing to the Secretary.
Notice of the AGM shall be sent to members of the Branch at their last known address at least fourteen clear days before the closing date for items for the Agenda.
The Agenda shall be made available at the meeting.
Only fully paid-up members of the Branch may vote at a Branch AGM/SGM

Special General Meeting:
A Special General Meeting shall be summoned by the Branch Secretary if a majority of all members of the Branch Committee deem it necessary, or upon receiving a requisition signed by not less than ten percent of the fully paid-up members of the Branch, stating the subject to be discussed. Any such requisition should also be sent to the Secretary of the Club.
No business shall be discussed or transacted at a SGM unless notice thereof appears on the agenda.

The Branch shall undertake, on behalf of the Club, any specific functions delegated to the Branch by the Club and with the approval of the Branch.

Upon notifying the Secretary of the Club and with the agreement of the Club Committee, the Branch may send a representative to attend, in a non-voting capacity, any meeting of tthe Club Committee so as to discuss the affairs of, and any matter relating specifically to the Branch.

The Branch shall prepare and present a report, either in writing or orally by a delegated Branch Officer or Committee member, to the AGM of the Club.

If the Branch is wound up or ceases to exist, a final statement of accounts and any assets shall be forwarded to the Club within six months. The General Committee will then be responsible for the disposal of all assets.

July 2008