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Membership of the BCC is open to all whether or not you have a Beardie. The subscription rates are as follows :-

UK Membership

Single    £9.00
Joint     £10.00
A family membership is available at £10.00 plus £1 for each child (Children do not get voting rights).

European Membership

Single    £13.00 (including charge for postage)
Joint     £14.00 (including charge for postage)

Rest of the World membership

Single    £15.00 (including charge for postage)
Joint     £16.00 (including charge for postage)

Subscriptions are due on January 1st of each year. Please note - Membership runs from January to end December, therefore you need to renew in January and standing orders need to be set up for payment in January also. Failure to comply may lead to you missing out on voting rights or publications. Please contact the Membership Secretary for further help. The Acting Membership Secretary of the Bearded Collie Club is currently Miss Verity Rudd Alsendale, North Street, Blofield, Norfolk, NR13 4RH. Tel: 01603-936162.

If you wish to renew your membership you may pay by cheque/postal order/paypal (cheques to be made payable to Bearded Collie Club. Standing Order payment - download the form here (Word Format) or here) (PDF format). Alternatively, you can use PayPal to make payment via this link.

If you wish to become a member please fill in the membership form downloadable as a Word document from here or as a PDF file from here and send it to the Membership Secretary at the address above.