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Essential dos and don'ts if you are considering buying a Beardie puppy

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So you think you want a Beardie puppy?

Beardies make enjoyable and loving companions. They are lively, intelligent, friendly and anxious to be a real part of the family, usually being very good with children. They are not a dog to be left alone on their own all day! Beardies require adequate daily exercise, basic obedience training and regular grooming to keep that shaggy coat in good condition. They are, therefore, not suited to everyone, especially the very house-proud, the fastidious gardener or those who can spend little time with their dog. If you are one of these then you should not consider a Beardie. Parents with hyperactive children should also consider that a Beardie might not be the most suitable breed for them.

If you are considering buying a Bearded Collie puppy, always buy from a reputable breeder rather than from a pet shop, pet supermarket or puppy farm. A good breeder will ensure that the puppy has been well socialised and is in good health before they go to their new homes. Reputable breeders will have hip scored their dogs and will be happy to give you advice on feeding and grooming and other aspects of looking after a Bearded Collie as well as answer any other questions you may have and they can always be contacted for advice and help. You will also be able to meet the mother of the pups and often other relatives as well!

Be very careful when considering buying a puppy via internet sales sites. Puppies that are advertised well below the going rate may not be KC registered and often are not pure-bred Bearded Collies.Also be aware that some unscrupulous breeders may be charging well above the going rate, again for pups that are not from hip scored parents. Sadly, some adverts are just plain scams, so do not part with ANY money until you have at least visited the pups and are happy that they are well reared and all is above board.

As a guide the average price for a KC registered Beardie pup is currently around £1200 to £1400.

The BCC runs a puppy list only accessible to breeders who are members of the Club who hip score their dogs and who abide by the Club's Code of Ethics, so this is probably the best way to locate a puppy from a good breeder.

The Puppy List Holder is Su Brown - you can contact her by email or telephone (01603-745556).